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2012 Remodelers Showcase Gold Award Winner
Category: Room Additions Under $100k

Gold Award Under $100k

For years, the small porch and attached patio went unused by the homeowner. There was not enough indoor space and not enough outdoor space. Combining the two areas into a functional home fitness center and entertaining space was the perfect solution. The addition provided just under 400 sqft of indoor space that finally had a real sense of purpose.
The homeowner wanted to keep energy efficiency in mind, so Low-E windows were selected to reduce the heat and glare in the west-facing room. The floor tile was matched to provide a seamless transition from the original living space to the new room. Detailed molding around the windows and doors was consistent with the decor of the rest of the house.
During preparation for the new footings, it was discovered that the original foundation of the home was set approximately 4' too low. This pre-existing condition was allowing water to penetrate between the original foundation and the brick siding. This issue would have led to prolonged exposure to water and eventually mold and damage. By discovering this potentially disastrous problem early, we were able to save the homeowner thousands of dollars in future repairs.
Now with a spacious fitness room, the homeowner has a functional space he has always wanted. Bulky exercise equipment was moved from the guest bedroom where it cluttered the room. Reclaiming the lost space from the equipment finally created a useable guest bedroom. "I didn't realize how much space I had been wasting before" said the homeowner. "Who needs a gym membership when I've got my own fitness center in my home? This makes it very convenient for me to get on the treadmill every day."