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Should I Remodel My Home?

With the current housing market, some homeowners are facing a difficult decision—should I sell my home or remodel? Moving to an entirely new house is a big undertaking, and buyers often forget how costly it can be. You'll have realtors' fees, mortgage fees for the new house and moving related costs. Plus, you'll have to invest huge amounts of time and worry finding a new home and packing and unpacking boxes.

Remodeling can be a desireable option. The chief advantage of remodeling, though, is that you can recover some (if not all) of your money back when you sell the home, and if you like the neighborhood and all that goes with it, such as the schools and location, you get to stay there.

Remodeling magazine estimates that homeowners can in many cases expect to recoup between 60% and 80% of the money they spend on home-improvement projects. In one recent report, home offices added the least value, recouping about 60% of their investment, while minor kitchen improvements yielded the best return, recouping 90% of money spent.

Capital City Builders will work with you to explore all of your options and choose a course of action that fits your lifestyle and your budget.